About Us

The Behavior Analyst Community of Central Jersey (BAC-CJ) is a professional association for behavior analysts.  BAC-CJ was formed in 2018 by four local behavior analysts (BCBAs): Tzivi Shreibman, Malkie Nussbaum, Dvora Phillip and Ahuvah Leah Brafman.

We are committed to creating a growth-oriented and positive culture of connection and professional development for local BCBAs.  BAC-CJ strives to foster communication, transparency and support for one another as we better our professional skills and competencies.  BAC-CJ also serves as a clearinghouse to disseminate relevant resources and information which impact our daily practice.

BAC-CJ members can expect to be enveloped in a warm and welcoming community of like-minded professionals.  We understand that working within diverse environments and challenging situations can occasionally be lonely!  Members will benefit from many networking opportunities and learning experiences to empower and enhance their professional development.