Behavior Analyst Community of Central Jersey

A non profit organization aimed to unite fellow BCBA therapists, and provide a supportive and informative online community. Join us today!

About BAC-CJ

BAC-CJ is a professional association for behavior analysts, founded in 2018. We are committed to creating a growth-oriented and positive culture of connection and professional development for local BCBAs.

Our Services

Live Events

BAC-CJ coordinates an annual meet and greet event for local BCBAs. Enjoy an evening out with colleagues while benefiting from a concurrent continuing education workshop!


BAC-CJ hosts live continuing education webinars with regionally prominent BCBAs on rotating topics of interest.  Webinars are FREE for premier members and discounted for standard members!

Supervision Workgroups

BAC-CJ arranges supervision workshops for small groups of behavior analysts, to benefit from the guidance and insight of a diverse array of professionals.

Chat Group

BAC-CJ oversees a chat group for behavior analysts, in which professional resources and ideas are shared.

Continuing Education Events

BAC-CJ contracts with world-renowned BCBAs to present locally on topics of interest for continuing education and professional development.  Visit our EVENTS page to find out more!

Periodic News Bulletins

BAC-CJ disseminates a periodic newsletter to all members, with features, recommended reading, important updates and other submissions.

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Upcoming Events

Winter Webinar Series!

Join BAC-CJ with Ricky Teichman, Celia Heyman, Dr. Bobbie Gallagher and Scott Rustulka on 12/17, 1/8, 1/29 and 2/24 for stimulating live webinar presentations on ETHICS and SUPERVISION topics!

Advanced ACT Training!

Join BAC-CJ with Dr. Tom Szabo on 5/4 for an ADVANCED ACT TRAINING for People with Autism!